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"Mommy, Where do you find Faeries?"


In gardens gorgeous, And mountain high;
Down in the valley....
In the trees swaying softly in the breeze.
Around the moss beds,
over there in the gully;
Round fern growing in the forest.
In caves too,
that's where the cave folk dwell.
But let's not forget the mist folk,
that deliver tiny droplets of dew.
And for those that are giving, caring and kind...
that are aware that the fae folk are there,
make sure there's goodies for all to share.
So get out your sweets and make up a plate,
just special for the wee ones,
And, thank them for their presence there.
Do they really sparkle?
Oh yes dear, some do.
For on lovely warm evenings,
I've seen them too!
On one summer night they called this believer,
out of my bed I did rise,
and went to the woods
lining the back yard,
and low and behold...
All over the trees in masses they twinkled
they danced and sang and rejoiced
for a twinkling of a second I joined in their dance,
'Tis a moment I'll never forget.
For this wasn't something left up to chance;
but indeed an invitation to Faery romance!
So you see my little one,
they are all around
and hide your sugar bowl,
so it won't be found.
Just make sure that you leave them a small sugar mound.
As long as you are giving, caring and kind...
there's one place for sure the Faerys can be found...
They will live with you all the year 'round!


-Faery Myst 2000-

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