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Thank you for visiting  Faery Myst..

Below you will find a list of folk that I am thankful for 
either their art, or their time to create the initial tubes or
images that I have used further for my creations.
Now don't get me wrong,  Some of these images are all
Certainly with out  their distribution,
Faery Myst would not be what it is!

I also want to say that I have used the wonderful
art of Amy most of my sites. Simply because
I tend to love her work a great deal! I have asked permission to
create graphics with her work, and she doesn't have a problem
with anyone using her art as long as credit is given back to her.
And Credit, she does deserve!  Please take time out and visit
her wonderful site and see all the wonderful friends!

The above image is from a photo sent to me
 from one of my patrons of another site I have.
 Her name is Genevre, and she is from Italy.
So pretty, she is, that I was inspired to work
with her lovely image.

The "Watcher" is a creation of my daughter, Heather.
I added him to the forest/waterfall scene.

As I remember who I borrowed what from...
I'll add it on here. If you have come to my realm for
a visit and discover I have used one of your tubes, just
drop me a note, and I will add you here! 

Poems unless otherwise credit has been given to the author on
that page, are originals by me. Every once in awhile I get
a little poetic!