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Out in the forest down by the brook...I sat ever so still.
Quietly waiting for the Sidhe to come play
 and share time with me. 
A flicker I saw, off to my side, 
then floating on delicate wings in flight, 
and then a glide.
A giggle I heard, all sweet and innocent; 
but still with the glee of a mischievous child.
They all began to gather round the stranger
 that had come to visit...
some danced , some paced,
 one announced her name to be Bridget!
For the longest time we stayed there... 
birds sang, the brook babbled; 
 the Sidhe played... in my hair, around my toes;
 even tweaked the end of my nose!
Time passed so quickly! I had enjoyed myself so much;
To spend time with the Sidhe, what a wonderful bunch!
Dusk was falling and I could hear my Momma calling...
I bid farewell to my newfound friends
until next we meet...I hope our fun never ends!